2019 - 2020 Fall Semester Courses Programs
24 Oct
2019 - 2020 Fall Semester Courses P…

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12 May

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Dear Students and guests, Sakarya University Management Information Systems (MIS) Department is offering undergraduate and graduate courses as MSc in MIS under School of Business. We are admitting MSc students since 2015 – 2016 educational years and PhD students from 2016 – 2017 academic years. Our department operates with five faculty members and five graduate assistants. Our department faculty members have expertise in all aspects of managerial, technical, strategic and organizational MIS fields. Our department actively does applied and theoretical research in MIS. Management Information Systems is interdisciplinary field including information, management and computer science majors. Information Systems has penetrated all aspects of our Daily lives and changed drastically of our living styles. Decision Support Systems are widely employed in organizations in assisting managerial decision making process. It has become critical for organizations to establish efficient and effective communication and understanding between technical and non-technical personnel. All of these developments have increased the demand of graduates of MIS majors by private and public organizations. Sakarya University School of Management has come a significant way in acquiring AASCB accreditati… All >>