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Student Exchange Programs

Erasmus +

Erasmus Student Exchange Program is a European Union program aimed at encouraging higher education institutions in the European Union member and candidate countries to cooperate with each other. Within the framework of the program, where grant support is provided, students can study at universities in different countries for one or two semesters. In addition, this program provides students with the opportunity to do internships and it can also be used by academic and administrative staff.

Our university has been implementing Erasmus Program since 2006 and Erasmus+ Program since 2015. Sakarya University, has taken place among the top three universities in Turkey in 2013-1014 Academic Year in terms of the number of students participated in Erasmus Programs.


Farabi is an exchange program that allows students and faculty members to the exchange between institutions of higher education in Turkey. The program, which was started to be implemented by the Council of Higher Education in the 2008-2009 Academic Year, offers students the opportunity to study at universities in different provinces of our country in any academic year or year they wish.

Within the scope of this exchange program, where students of all levels can participate, a grant support is also provided to participants.


Mevlana Exchange Program is a program that enables the exchange of students and academic staff between higher education institutions in Turkey and abroad.

Unlike other exchange programs; Mevlana Exchange Program covers higher education institutions all over the world without any geographical distinction. Our students can continue their education abroad for one or two semesters with this program. As of 2014, Sakarya University has agreements in 117 different fields with 28 universities in 21 different countries.