What is MIS?


What is Management Information Systems?’ Is the indispensable question that you will head during and after your education.

Management Information Systems takes raw data as input to support decision making and control in an organization, and generates information by collecting, organizing, processing and summarizing this data by interconnected parts  such as hardware, software, network, human, and database. MIS are also systems that store this information and distribute it to the necessary people and departments, and whose main purpose is to provide a competitive advantage to the company by supporting fast and correct decision-making.


Experienced and Expert Academic Staff


Our department offers Bachelor's, Master's with Thesis, Master's without Thesis and Doctorate education. SAU MIS is one of Turkey's first established and most experienced Management Information Systems department with it's academic staff (For more information please visit Academic Staff)


A Department that Values University-Industry Cooperation


A s Sakarya University Management Information Systems department, we greatly value university-industry cooperation. We provide internship and job opportunities to our students with our communication with 'Sakarya Teknokent' companies within our university. In addition, our department is integrated with companies in the industry, technology and trade sector of the city of Sakarya and is intertwined with the business world. Within the scope of the 7 + 1 education model implemented by our department, our students gain work experience by spending a full term in a company and enter the business world early (For more information please visit 7+1 Education Model)


Double Major Programs


Our students have the opportunity to graduate with two degrees with the Double Major Program agreements announced with the Industrial Engineering, Information Systems Engineering and other Business Faculty departments.


A University with Solid Informatics Foundation


Sakarya University, which is one of the leading institutions in distance education, has a solid informatics infrastructure and extensive facilities.


Other Advantages


Sakarya University students have the chance to continue their education on a campus in greenery, with a view of Sapanca Lake, intertwined with nature. Also, there are extensive social opportunities on and off campus. The students of our department benefit greatly from the strategic location of Sakarya. Thanks to its proximity to cities such as Istanbul, Kocaeli and Ankara, our students find it easy to establish a business network and access job opportunities. (For more information please visit Education and Life Guide)