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Internship Guide

Internship Guide

Finding an Internship Position

It is the student's own responsibility to find an internship place, and the department has no obligation to "find an internship" other than guiding the students.

Some criteria should be considered in the selection of the internship place. These are:

1- Private Sector Firms

a- Production and service businesses that have at least 30 employees and have their own information technology or informatics department

b- Companies operating directly in the field of informatics (software, hardware, network, telecommunications and other). In such companies, 30 employees are not required.

2- Public Institutions

Information technology departments of any public institution or information and information processing departments of municipalities and other organizations

3- Research Centers 

Centers and organizations engaged in R&D activities with at least 5 IT personnel.

Important Note: Since information technologies and information systems can be seen in many different areas in all companies today, even if the companies do not meet the above conditions, students can do their compulsory internships in other institutions, non-governmental organizations and various organizations with the student's offer and the approval of the department internship committee.

Before, During and After Internship

Before Internship: Students must have internship insurances from the school no later than 10 days before the determined internship date. In order for insurance entries to be completed on time, it is recommended that internship places be cleared within 15 days at the latest before the internship start date.

After the student has clarified the internship place, he / she can fill in the "Professional Practice Acceptance Form" on the website and get insurance entry.

During Internship: The compulsory internship period is 16 weeks - 80 working days.

Students are required to prepare 1 interim report, 1 final report and 1 internship book to submit during the year. Examples of the mentioned documents can be accessed on the website. The grading of the students is done by the department staff they are affiliated with during internship. The delivery dates of the relevant documents are announced within the period.

After Internship: Students are required to have the documents indicating that they have completed their internship signed by their respective supervisors at the workplace and submit it to the MIS department.

Students are required to have the documents indicating that they have completed their internship signed by their respective supervisors at the workplace and submit it to the department. In addition, at the end of the semester (usually in the week of the finals), they must submit the printout (if requested) of the internship notebooks prepared in an appropriate format to the department secretariat and successfully complete their internship completion presentations.

In their internship presentations, students should prepare a presentation describing their experiences during the 16 weeks. The prepared presentation should take 10-15 minutes. The presentations are evaluated and graded by the faculty members in the relevant commission.